THE ASKING MODEL — The 6 Steps to Connect With Anyone, Anywhere and Create Meaningful Relationships

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About Kerrie Phipps

An inspiring and energetic communicator, Kerrie thrives on connecting and empowering Difference-Makers and Leaders by facilitating new thinking to generate insights and turning-point conversations.

Your world grows larger with every person you meet, and as you may have experienced already, Kerrie excels in bringing out the best in us and helping us connect in a relaxed and authentic way, creating connections that last, relationships that create positive impacts in communities.

Creating new connections deepens learning and self-awareness. Connecting with others is essential for thriving in life and business.

DO TALK TO STRANGERS – Learn How To Connect With Anyone, Anywhere

  • Easily and naturally talk to strangers, including famous and influential people.
  • Use the simple ASKING model to connect with anyone, anywhere.
  • Transform boring activities into everyday adventures!
  • Learn the 5 steps to stunning customer service.
  • Master wisdom for safe and insightful conversations.
  • Connect with people who might impact profoundly on your life.
“Kerrie’s message and methodology is outstanding and she communicates it in an authentic and real way. This book will challenge your psychology and disrupt your thinking. It is one of the best books written for customer service and sales teams.”
Sam Cawthorn, Author, Bounce Forward
“Once in a while someone comes into your life that has the ability to not only create magic for everyone she works with but also for herself. Thank you Kerrie for allowing me to be one of the many privileged who get to change their life because of your book.”
Terri Billington – ActionCOACH