I serve those who serve the world. Now we can make a bigger difference - together.

How can we more effectively help people? How do we know we’ve made a difference? 

These were the key questions that put me on the path of building a coaching business and measuring impacts. Questions I continue to ask. 

One of the most profound insights is that small things truly make a big difference. Small things like water filters, being built in small communities, by locals, supported by our community of customers, clients and colleagues.

For example, when you buy one of my books, we plant a tree in Malawi – which provides nutrition and income for impoverished families, and further goodness to our planet.  

When we provide access to clean drinking water to a family in rural Cambodia, lives are saved and education becomes possible. 

Thanks to our partnership with global giving initiative … B1G1, we can give, knowing that every contribution makes a difference, and we can share the joy of giving in countless ways.


In 2007, B1G1 started with a simple idea: “What if every business could make a difference in their own way, just by doing what they normally do?”

With more than a decade of work, this simple idea has now become a global movement.