Create The Life Journal by Kerrie Phipps




Have You Discovered The Power Of Your Words?

How can the simple act of writing profoundly change your life?

Writing down your dreams, ideas, experiences and goals has countless benefits, some of which you’ll discover in Kerrie’s notes on the subject, and many more by your own writings.

What happens when you write –
– 10 things you’re grateful for?
– 7 people you want to encourage this week?
– 10 things you want to achieve in the next year?
– Honest appraisals of challenges and achievements?
Clarity comes through writing, and clarity allows you to Create the Life You Want.

Discover some amazing insights as you move through this journal, seeing the creative power of your words as you capture your best thoughts on paper.

Kerrie Phipps has coached thousands of people personally, encouraging them to write about their goals, their vision for success, and sees them achieve more than they thought possible – every time.

Kerrie loves life in Central West NSW, Australia, with her husband and son, creating the life she’s designed for, and sharing the journey with a diverse range of friends around the world.

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