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Kerrie Phipps, Daniel Priestly, Paul Dunn and Masami Sato and another 30 extraordinary entrepreneurs, business thinkers and philanthropists from around the world who’ve shared “the key advice they would give to their grandchildren” to help them build better businesses, enjoy better lives and make the world a better place.

Between them they have advised governments, served start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, won awards and acclaim, written 38 other books and been featured by Forbes, Inc, The New York Times, CNN and the BBC.

And in this book they give you: the most important business, life and world lessons there are to learn; the insights that will make things better for you, your family and everyone; and the shortcuts that make it easier, along with the pitfalls to avoid.

$29.95 – includes postage and packaging worldwide.


When you buy this book the life of at least one person in need somewhere in the world will automatically be made a little bit better.

That difference will be funded by the authors, and delivered automatically on your behalf via the B1G1: Business For Good movement that inspired this book.

And that is only the start… because by acting on the practical ideas in this book you will also make an even more positive difference to your business, to your life and to the world.


Across seven countries and four continents, this book is the result of a unique collaborative initiative between:

Adam Houlahan
Alfio Magnano
Aynsley Damery
Benjamin Baker
Booth Aster
Chris Robb
Chris Wildeboer
Craigh Wilson
Daniel Priestley
David Powell
Deborah Harris
Guy Campbell
Heather Yelland
Helen Campbell
Jane Aylwin
Jeremy Harris
Jonathan Pipe
Katie Pipe
Kerrie Phipps
Kerry Howard, Ms Pink Herself
Kristy Castleton
Kylie Anderson
Laura Pipe
Louisa Lee
Masami Sato
Nicky Mih
Paul Dunn
Peter Fowler
Philip Owens
Russ Stoddard
Sally Schmidt
Sarah McCrum
Se Chhin
Steve Pipe
The Schonfelder family
Tim Wade
Wayne Schmidt