Conversations With Kerrie Phipps




Kerrie Phipps introduces 4 friends and colleagues who are connecting with people in many different environments and cultures, and drawing out learning to empower you to connect confidently wherever you go. See extraordinary learning and opportunities unfold in your life and business!

Dr Yvonne Sum, CSP, author

This is a valuable conversation in the context of connecting cross-culturally. Yvonne has worked in some very different cultures including many across Asia, the Middle East, America and Australia and Africa – and is an expert in global connections and collaboration. A fascinating conversation as Yvonne and Kerrie discuss cultural differences to respect, such as views on family life and swapping business cards.
Parents often tell their kids “don’t talk to strangers” but Yvonne, as author of “Intentional Parenting” also teaches her kids How to talk to strangers.

Tune in as Yvonne shares a side of the Middle East that she’d never have seen if not for the time spent there and the connections with locals.

It’s such an enriching experience to sit and learn from women who’ve lived through the change from travel on camels to jumbo jets, and life in tents to high-rises.

Mike Rolls, survivor, motivational speaker, athlete

Mike is one of the most inspiring young men on two legs. Two high-tech prosthetic legs with funky shoes J He talks to strangers in many different environments, from high schools and golf courses (Mike represented Australia in the World Disabled Golf Championships in Japan in 2014)

Mike says “every time we open ourselves to new opportunities, new people, new stories. We enrich our lives in every way”. His stories in this Conversation With Kerrie Phipps will inspire, encourage and ignite a little boldness to connect with anyone.

Mags Bell, executive coach and author…

Task-driven, corporate achiever, Mags had the confidence, but not the time or interest to talk to strangers. Now she’s a huge fan of the idea, and has met some extraordinary people in her travels. This conversation is very insightful and encouraging – and Mags has THE BEST Scottish accent J
Listen in as she shares her insights – and wonders “what does ‘sexy’ actually mean?”
A beautiful, inspiring and entertaining audio that will deepen your connections professionally and personally.

Shivi Bhalla, author and entrepreneur

Shivi is creating his dream life in Australia, after moving from India as a student and launching into a steep learning curve. Shivi read Do Talk To Strangers, highlighting and underlining as he read though each time.

Discover Shivi’s insights that have opened doors of opportunity for many people, developed wisdom and grown his business significantly.

When you talk to strangers, every day is an adventure. Discover how to increase your curiosity and discover amazing opportunities!