Book Bundle: “Do Talk To Strangers: How To Connect With Anyone, Anywhere” and “Do Talk To Strangers: Travel Toolkit”




(Book 1)

Discover How To

  • Easily and naturally talk to strangers, including famous and influential people
  • Use the simple ASKING model to connect with anyone, anywhere
  • Transform boring activities into everyday adventures!

(Book 2)

What if your greatest adventure in life and business were just a question away? Discover the mindset and tips you’ll need to unlock a world of possibilities.

Everything we do connects or disconnects. In this toolkit, you’ll find stories and strategies to help you easily make meaningful connections, on regular commutes or trips around the globe.

Travel with Kerrie through different countries and cultures, on a journey to seeing the world in a new way, through the lens of the unique ASKING Model.

Discover the foundations of curiosity, permission and respect, and be equipped to connect with anyone, anywhere.