How To Talk To Strangers – Out Now!

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You already impact people positively, but know you could be doing more.

This book is an invitation to think more deeply about how you connect with others, so you don’t overlook important connections, or risk missing opportunities to impact people, and the chance to change your own life in the process.

Together with my friends, you’ll learn how to:

  • Push past your comfort zone to connect with others
  • Do simple acts of kindness that change lives in unexpected ways
  • Increase your opportunities by saying, ‘Yes’

When you say, ‘Yes’…

You’ll increase your own confidence and positively impact others, ultimately becoming the difference-maker you’ve always wanted to be.

A more connected, hope-filled and collaborative world starts here!

Contributing Authors

  • Anna Sheppard
  • Anupama Singal
  • Cathy Johnson
  • Coen Tan
  • Conor O’Malley
  • Ganesh Somwanshi
  • Julie Woods
  • Kaley Chu
  • Katie Swanson
  • Lyndon Phipps
  • Masami Sato
  • Nathan Shooter
  • Patrick Galvin
  • Serene Seng
  • Simon Jacobs
  • Unami Magwenzi

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‘There are no coincidences, only missed opportunities to connect through lack of awareness and judgement. The shared wisdom from Kerrie and the stories within these pages teaches that we all make a difference to each other. If only we open our hearts and minds and trust that the Universe makes no mistakes.This book made me reflect upon the fact that all of my patients when I meet them are strangers. In a short amount of time I have to connect with them so that they trust me with their life. But also the impact each of those strangers have upon me and what an incredible blessing not only am I to them but each patient is to me.’ – Dr Emila Dauway, Oncologist, Surgeon, Author of Live Fearlessly

‘How To Talk To Strangers provides an enlightening perspective on the positive impact we can have on others if we simply dare to connect with them, even with relatively small gestures of kindness such as by showing empathy or perhaps offering some guidance along the way. As shown through the wonderfully curated collection of stories Kerrie Phipps offers in this book, such acts of kindness can set off ripple effects of confidence building, helping others get out of low-points of their lives and to fulfill their dreams. Conversely, this book serves as a good reminder about the magnitude of the untapped potential that likely passes us by on the street on a daily basis if we don’t reach out and simply talk to strangers.’ – Niklas Myhr, PhD, CSP – The Social Media Professor